What's up folks? We're playing a show on March 2nd, at Ye Olde Town Inn, in Mount Prospect, Illinois with our friends and ferocious death metallers, LASTING VENGEANCE, and also ROSE OF MARTYRDOM. Come on out for a night of face melting metal mayhem! The show is a t 9pm, 6 bucks at the door, 21+ show. BE THERE!

Ye Olde Town Inn

18 West Busse Avenue, Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056

facebook.com/yotibar * * 1-847-392-3750 * * yotibar@yahoo.com


9/20/2011 FINALLY! we have access to our website again. We'll be updating things to get them current again, but for now, here's a picture from our last show, and as of the last update to this site we've finally succumbed to the evil that is Facebook . Please go check it out, and "like" us so we can keep you updated on shows and all other things OIE! keep it brutal! - roe \m/

9/01/2009 We've got some shows coming up folks! We're playing at PENNY ROAD PUB on September 19th, an ALL AGES SHOW,. Starting at 6:00 pm. 545 PENNY ROAD, SOUTH BARRINGTON, IL 60010, $6 cover

Also we're playing at OTTO'S NIGHTCLUB on September 25th, 21+ SHOW, starting at 7:30pm. 118 E. LINCOLN HIGHWAY, DEKALB, IL, 60115, $7 cover.. Cmon out and get your face ripped off!

7/18/09 Come on out to Dougs in Aurora, Illinois on Friday, August 14th for a fistful of bands ready to melt your face! METAL MELTDOWN AT DOUG'S FRIDAY AUGUST 14TH @ 7PM 333 E. INDIAN TRAIL RD. AURORA, IL 605057$ COVER

3/11/09 Hey folks, next show is over at one of our favorite venues, Penny Road Pub. Show starts at 8pm, 8 bux @ the door, 21+ show. hope to see you there! -roe

We've been tagged onto the show on Friday, February 27th at Chord On Blues, with the Band INFLUENCE. Show starts at 10pm, 21+ show, 5 bux @ the door. Hope to see you there! \m/ - Roe CHORD ON BLUES IS LOCATED @ 106 S. FIRST AVE. ST. CHARLES, IL 60174 (located in the same building as corner pockets) phone: 630-513-0074

1/27/09 For those of you who live a little closer to the lake, Obscured In Exile is coming to Metal Shakers February 14th! We're playing with BLACK SEPTEMBER, HAMMERLORD, and SABLE BELDAM. Show starts at 9pm, 21+, 8 bux . \m/!
1/14/09 Hey folks! We're gonna be out at Otto's Nightclub in Dekalb, Illinois, on Friday, February 20th, playing with LIFELIKE VIOLENCE, STOMOXYS CALCITRANS, and THE HORDE in the undergound. It's a 21+ show and 5 bucks at the door. Doors open at 8:30. Come check us out, and meet our new bass player! It's gonna be a great heavy show, one not to be missed! In other news, the jukebox is fully operational on the mp3/video page, and the new demo is there, as well as all the older tracks that were previously available. We're editing up some new video footage as well so be on the lookout for that! We're also working on booking more shows for the upcoming months, they will be listed here when they are confirmed. Until next time, SEE YOU ON THE 20TH AT OTTO'S IN DEKALB! \m/-roe
11/30/2008 NEWS: We've enlisted a new bass player, Jonny B. Check out his bio on the bio page. We should be ready to get back on stage real soon so keep an eye out! Our new demo is also available, right now you can hear it on MYSPACE. I'm currently working on a jukebox and redesigning the mp3/video section. Once that is done, the new songs will be available here as well.. We'll also have some new videos up from our last show with Steve at US BEER company, as well as some video from other venues we've played. until then, horns up \m/ -Roe
12/02/2007 Hey folks! We have been finishing up things on the acoustic tracks we're working on. Also, we wanted to put something fresh on the website, so we went through the massive archive of stuff we recorded and found some improvisations that sounded really cool. Go to the MP3/VIDEO section to check them out! I'm also going to track down the video footage from our last show, and see if any of it is worthy to put on the website. More updates when I got em'. \m/ - Roe
6/18/2007 SHOW UPDATE. the show June 30th @ US BEER COMPANY was cancelled, there was a booking error. We are tagged onto another show there on July 26th with Lord Mantis now, so come see the show! -Roe

5/31/2007 SHOWS, SHOWS! we got 2 shows coming up, one of which is at US BEER COMPANY, in Chicago on June 30th, with INFLUENCE, and THE DALLAS MOTORCADE. There might be another band or two there as well, but they're TBA. The other show is going to be on July 14th at PENNY ROAD PUB in Barrington, with INFLUENCE and LASTING VENGEANCE. Both shows are 21+ shows. see you there! - Roe

roe2/06/2007 Upcoming shows, and another demo in the works! We signed up for the Emergenza festival again this year. The show is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH at THE NOTE in Chicago, IL. We also have a show booked on SATURDAY,MARCH 10TH at PENNY ROAD PUB in Barrington, IL. Come out and show your support! Also, we're recording another demo, at Burning Cow Studios. Things are going well, and we should have some new material for you soon! - Roe

10/10/06 Hey everyone, quite a bit of news this time around. The demo is finally done! We're looking at our possible duplication options right now, but the wait is over. Tracks from the demo are ready to stream/download in the MP3/video section. Also, we're playing some shows in October. On the 21st, we're playing Penny Road Pub with the band INFLUENCE, and on the 28th we're playing a halloween party at burning cow studios. The show on the 28th is going to start at 6pm . There's six bands all together, and we'll be playing fifth.  It's 3 dollars with a costume and flyer, 7 dollars otherwise. Directions to the show can be found at www.burningcowrecords.com/directions, so come check it out! (This link has the info from last year's party, but the directions are the same.)We're also on myspace now, as well as youtube.com, so if you have accounts on these websites, please show your support! Thanks, and see you at the shows! \m/ roe

6/12/06 Welcome to the new website! I'm stll working out the bugs and updating various things, so please bear with us. Firstly we have a show coming up on July 8th at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL. it's a 21+ show. Also, we now have a whole show from Penny Road back in 2004 available to watch in the MP3/Video section. It's broke up into induvidual songs so you don't have to download the whole show to watch them. In other news, We played a show on May 27th in West Chicago at SynergyII with the band Influence, it was a great time, and we appreciate the support we got from everyone there. Please be sure to check out Influence at http://www.myspace.com/influence4. DEMO UPDATE: We're still tweaking sound on the demo. As soon as it's done, we'll post some tracks here to check out. \m/ roe

3/04/06 The show on March 24 has been cancelled due to a venue booking error. We'll reschedule a new show for a few months from now, and we're going to continue with work on the demo(s). Don't forget to sign in and create an account on the forums! \m/ roe

2/02/06 Hey folks, we got a show coming up on Friday, March 24th at Penny Road Pub. More info TBA. Soon, we'll be launching our completely new, redesigned website, loaded with a bunch of new content, so be on the lookout for that. Don't forget about the FORUMS . If you have a question, comment, or just want to shoot the shit, thats the place to do it. Just register and you're all set! \m/, roeseph

10/09/05 Lots of new news! First, we've launched our official forum. Go sign up! We'd love to hear from you, so click the link below to enter! We also have a show coming up at Penny Road Pub on Friday, November 18th. go to the Shows section or the Forums for more info. On the recording front, we've finished tracking our parts for the demo, and are in the mixing process. We are also recording an acoustic ep. To tide you over for now, we've added another track to the downloads section.(This song is not from the sessions we are currently mixing.) Enjoy and stay tuned! \m/ Roe

57/27/05 Hey, what's up people. We're still working on getting some stuff down "on tape", and we've been working on new songs as well. The new songs kick ass, btw. We'll have some fresh stuff for you to check out soon... \m/ roe

5/21/05 The show at the scoreboard tonight has been cancelled. Our next show is June 10th at Champs rock room(click here for more info). Also, check out the pictures section, there are some pictures from latest shows we've played to check out.. \m/ roe

5/16/05 We have a show coming up this Saturday at The Scoreboard (more info here). It's supposed to be outside weather permitting, which should prove interesting. Also, we're still working on the demo, so keep checking back here for any demo related updates.. \m/ roe

4/18/05 Thanks to everyone who came to The Note on Saturday, your votes got us to the Emergenza semi-finals! Now we'll be playing the Double Door on May 12th. We're Also playing at CAFE LURA on April 29th with ORIGIN, GORGASM, UNDERCURRENT and 3 more bands, so come check it out! (We actually have a bunch of shows coming up, check HERE for infos.) Also, DEMO coming VERY SOON!. stay tuned! \m/ roe

03/10/05 Thanks to everyone who came to our show on the 4th! Your votes got us into the next round of the Emergenza festival, which is scheduled for April 16th at The Note in Chicago. More info can be found at the Emergenza website. In other news, we are almost finished recording our first demo, and can't wait tManiacso get it out there for everyone to hear. It should be done in a few weeks, give or take a few weeks :). anyways thats all for now- Roe

2/05/05 Mp3 versions of the two videos from the Penny Road Pub show are now in the downloads section for you to check out. Also, the pictures section has been modified into a gallery to make it more accessible. enjoy! -Roe

1/17/05 Hey folks, it's time for some update action. First off, we got some new video footage from our last show for you to check out in the downloads section. It was a great show and we thank everyone who came out and packed the place for us! Speaking of shows, we have a show coming up January 21st at The Scoreboard in Bridgeview. Also, we have enrolled in the Emergenza festival, an international battle of the bands. Our first festival show is in March at The Note in Chicago, so please come out to see the show and vote for us! Check the shows section for more info. \m/ roe

11/21/04 Hey, everyone! Thanks to all who came to the last couple shows, especially the Penny Road Pub gig. We had a fucking awesome time, and we hope you did as well. Our next show is scheduled for January, and in the meantime we are going to work on recording some demos. We also got some audio/video footage from the PRP gig, some of which will end up here on the webpage. So keep your eyes peeled! Finally, we're going to be in the next issue of PIT magazine(link), so go pick up a copy when it comes out! Thats all for now, \m/ Roe

9/17/04 Thanks to everyone who came to our last few shows! We are having a great time! We plan on doing more shows this fall, then working on demos in the winter.Check the Shows section for the latest confirmed dates and locations! Also be sure to check out the Downloads and Pictures sections. There's a new video for "Chemically Genetic" recorded at our show at Champs on 9/10/04 (Literally our show, none of the other bands showed up:) ), and a bunch of new photos from shows old and new that were recently submitted. Until next time, \m/ Roe

8/12/04 Yo everyone, whats up? We got a couple of shows coming up in the end of August/begining of September. Check the shows section for more info.In other news, a "short" for OIE is in the October issue of Metal Maniacs magazine! A "short" is basically a pic, with a small bio and contact info. We would like to thank the people at Metal Maniacs for the free press and exposure, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks!thats all for now - \m/, roe

7/03/2004 Hey everyone! Thanks to all who came to our show at Champs last friday. Keep your eyes peeled for more shows, as we are booking gigs for this summer/fall, as well as working on more demos. Check back for show dates and new downloads! \m/ Roe

6/22/04 How's it goin', folks? Were playing a show on July 2nd at CHAMPS ROCK ROOM, 5728 W. 87TH ST. BURBANK, IL. The show starts at 10pm, 21 and over show, 5 bux to get in. There are directions to the venue on the champs webpage (http://www.champsrockroom.com). hope to see you there!  - Roe

5/10/04 we just added a video to our download section of the song "Semblance" for your viewing pleasure. we're still busy working on demos and shit, and should have some more tunes for you soon. till next time..  Roe

5/03/04 Ok, we got some new info for ya. First, The show was cancelled, oh well. There will be more to come. Now on to some good news. The bio section is done, and we now have 2 demo songs in the download section. so check it out, and enjoy! Also, if you want to be on the OIE mailing list, click on the link below, put "sign me up" in the subject field, and send. That's all for now...\m/  -  Roe

4/10/04 New info: There have been a few new shots added to the pictures section, from the party on 2/21/04. Be sure to check em out. We're currently recording some demo tracks for the webpage, and should have downloads available in the next few weeks. Also, we now have a mailing address set up for people who want an official OIE shirt, check the merch booth for additional info. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a show in St. Charles in May sometime (the actual date has yet to be confirmed). When we find out more details, we'll post em here.Thats all for now, take it easy - Roe

3/07/04 Ok, some structural things have been done on the site, everything has its own link now. The latest news will still be posted here, any old entries are archived in the news section.Some pictures from the party on 2/21/04 are now available to check out in the pictures section, so check em out.There's still much to do, so be patient and I'll get everything operational asap. Keep checking back as we plan on putting mp3's, more pics, and OIE stuff for sale on the site, as well as links to other bands websites, and shit like that. until next time.. -Roe

3/03/04 Obviously, the webpage is still being designed, so don't be surpised if shit doesn't work right (or at all for that matter.) I'll get everything working as soon as I can get to it.I have some pictures of our last show w/ Thyatira and Funktional Family from 2/21/04 that I will post soon. All the bands did an awesome job. Thanks to all the members of all the bands for making it a great show. also, thanks to everyone who helped make the rest of the party go off without a hitch. Your dilligence is greatly appreciated. OIE will be spending the next few months working on material for their first record, as well as getting this page fully operational. Any updates will be posted here. anyways thats about it for now, take it easy!   -Roe