In May/June of 2003, Oak and Roe (of Vacufeliak) got together with Benjamin to jam, and have some fun. After a few weeks, having fun turned into writing songs and looking for a bassist. Shortly thereafter they hooked up with Steve and Obscured In Exile was born. They played their first show in December of 2003 and consistently gigged through the middle of 2007. The band has also self-released 2 demos plus a plethora of video and additional music on their website. When Steve left the band in 2007 to attend college, OIE took a short hiatus, and then recruited Jonny B. to take over the bass duties in June of 2008. The band is currently rehearsing, and is looking to get back on the stage soon.
Jonny B. Oak Benjamin Roeseph
Former members: Steve

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