Ben - Djembe

Mystory: I got hooked on drumz like a junkie the first time I went to a drum circle at some random event (I could never remember which one). That was when I was 14. That summer, two other friends of mine and I got hand drums. Then every day after school we were in my buddies basement pounding away. I was involved with a band called poonyata, but never got anything too permanent. Then one day, Roe asked if I would like to jam out, but I wasn't sure what it would sound like. We were all surprised how well it worked.

Influences: My influences are probably different from most metal drummers. I listen to mostly Reggae, (I know, what a pussy). Tell me about it. I have a big liking for the Greatful Dead and most Jam bands, and I also like bluegrass, funk, jazz, and I'll admit it,

Preferences: Not to once again show my feminine side but I like to garden, bitches!